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Attendance Policy

The progress of a student in school, in which all parents are sincerely interested, depends to a large degree on the punctuality and regularity of his or her attendance. It is the aim of T.H.S. faculty and administration to stimulate and direct the growth of each pupil physically, mentally, and socially. Additionally, it is our goal to assist parents in building character, developing positive attitudes and establishing good study habits and good work ethic. Only by working together can we create the right conditions essential to the proper growth and development of each individual student.

Parents hold the key to good attendance. The student who is permitted to miss school for anything less than the most excellent reason is usually one who is rapidly losing interest in school and, in many instances, one who is on the verge of becoming delinquent.

Regular attendance is necessary to insure maximum educational benefits. It is common practice for prospective employers to request attendance records as well as academic records when investigating the background of high school graduates. Each student’s high school transcript of grades includes the attendance record for each of the four years of high school.

The financial assistance each school district receives from the state is based upon the average daily attendance of students; thus, it is possible for a district to lose several thousand dollars in a single year due to excessive absenteeism. The resulting inefficiency of operation is obvious.

All students should familiarize themselves with the Student Discipline Code regarding attendance policies. The Student Discipline Code states that absences by a student in excess of 5 periods per course per semester at the high school level will result in a student receiving a zero grade for each period of absence in excess of the allowable absences per course per semester. ―Excused medical absences‖ and absences from a course due to participation in an authorized school program will be excluded from absences counted in the preceding sentence. An ―Excused medical absence will be limited to an absence for all or a part of the school day verified in writing by a representative of the medical office providing the medical care for the student. (It should be noted that to count as a medical absence –a medical excuse must be received in writing from the medical office within three (3) school days of the absence). Other excused absences will include court dates with documentation from an official at the court house and religious holidays.


Make-up work:

Students will be given one day to make up work for each day they are absent.

  1. Students should make every effort to be present for tests and semester examinations. If a student misses a test or examination, teachers may choose to give an alternative form of the original test.

Credit for make-up assignments will be granted or denied as follows:

  1. Excused Absence - The student must make arrangements to make up all work if he is to receive credit for work missed. Special help and time will be given by the teacher at the teacher’s convenience if such help is desired.

  2. Unexcused Absence - The student will not be given credit for make-up work, however, all students are encouraged to do all make-up work so each student remains at the same instructional level.