Listed below are some Google Chrome apps and extensions developed to enhance learning in your classrooms. To find more apps, just visit the Web Store by opening a new tab in your Google Chrome web browser. If you want your apps and extensions to load on your browser in various locations, simply log in to Chrome. This is a separate log in from your Google account, but can be done on any computer.

If you find an app or extension that you love, and you would like to add it to this list please let me know.

As always, if you have questions, or you need help....please contact me!!!




View this page in Clearly will eliminate ads and
other material on a webpage, showing only the
content you want your students to see.


An interactive sky map for exploring the stars and planets.

Speak It:

Highlight text on a webpage or document and
Speak It will read it out loud for you!

Biodigital Human:

A 3D platform that simplifies the understanding of human anatomy, disease and treatments. Explore the human body in 3D!

Awesome Screenshot and Annotate:

Capture the whole page or any portion.
Annotate it with circles, arrows, lines
and text. Blur out what you don't want
your students to see. Can be used with
webpages and documents.


Powerful and easy to use. Create ven diagrams, flowcharts, mind mapping charts and more! Group students and allow them to collaborate in real time to develop creative diagrams.

Quickrr Google Maps:

Handy tool for getting maps and driving
directions with ease directly from your
Google Chrome web browser.

Pic Monkey:

Free photo editor with features including collage, touch up, teeth whitening, fonts, effects, filters, frames, stickers and more!!

Flash Cards:

Study on the go!!

The perfect study companion for your
desktop and your mobile devices!


Timer countdown, alarm clock and stopwatch.

Pic Monkey:
The PicMonkey Chrome Extension lets you
instantly grab images from any Web page
and open them up in PicMonkey for editing.
3D Solar System Web:

Explore the entire solar system in 3D. All from your Chrome web browser.


Right click any word to get synonyms
and antonyms with ease.


Turn photos into cool looking retro snaps. The demo I saw at the Google Summit was a silent movie project created using this free photo editor.

Screen capture. Collaborate and show
what you know!!

Prezi is a zooming web based presentation tool that moves beyond the constraints of traditional slideshows. Start from a ready made template, then add your own material.
Be sure to check out the short demo on this website!!


Select any color on a webpage and
Eyedropper will generate the hex code
for the exact color. This is a very useful
tool to have if you are designing your
website and you need a perfect color match.


An interactive history experience that delivers knowledge through games, exercises and tests to facilitate learning and retention of historical facts.

Awesome New Tab Page:

Use this tool to customize all of your
tabs to be awesome, like you.

Magisto for Google Drive:

Magical video editor!! Just add your own material and choose from
built in music and effects.

YouTube Options:

Disables ads and other distractions,
including autoplay. Makes for a much
safer classroom environment when
viewing Youtube videos.

Video Notes:

A tool for taking notes while watching videos. A useful tool for students who are assigned a video to view for homework assignment.

Integrates with Google Drive!!

Read and Write:

Read and Write for Google Docs adds
text to speech with highlighting,
a talking dictionary, a picture dictionary,
and a vocabulary tool!


Engage your students with animated presentations.
Easy to use, fun and free!

Google Dictionary:

Help in comprehending text. Adding
this extension allows students to simply
double-click on any unknown word. An
immediate pop-up appears with a definition,
as well as the option to hear the word being
read. Students can also click 'More' to be
taken to Google where they are able to
further research the meaning of the word.
Typing Club:

Using this free app, your typing speed will reach 10-12 WPM very quickly. From there practice your activities to increase your speed to 40-90 WPM!!

This is a very popular extension for students. Keeping ads off of your students screens
help keep them focused on the contents
of the page. Better focus means increased productivity!!
We Video:
Makes video editing easy and it is accessible from anywhere.


Helps your students access text on the
web. If an article becomes too challenging
for the reader, your students can open
Announcify. This will blur all surrounding
text helping your student focus, and an
audio reading will begin.

Desmos Graphing Calculator:
The very best online graphing calculator you will ever find.

  Gebra Cloud:
Practice and solve math problems with the built in tutoring system.

Don't forget that World of Wonders is the site to take panoramic tours of far away places all over the world!